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CANAVAR STUDIOS was established by Alican Mermertas, the founder of Can Hi-Fi and music producer Uğraş Çömez in May 2015. Company provides recording, arrangement, mixing and extensive rehearsal services to artists, their orchestras and their teams without any compromise from company’s high standards which carry the conventional studio standards in Turkey to a higher level.  

Based on 300 square meters, CANAVAR STUDIOS has one of the largest live rooms in Istanbul and hence in Turkey. Having also state of art equipments and cabling, carefully designed power substructure, generators, air conditioning system which provides fresh air circulation, CANAVAR STUDIOS offers a great facility with easy access, parking area and clean, hygienic and broad common use areas.

With our long time experience in production and reproduction, we aim to improve ourselves non-stop without compromising our high standards and by always embracing an innovative and quality-focused approach for all the services we provide.    


AMEK REMBRANDT, with its 40 channel in-line topology (totally 80 channels), dedicated dynamic signal processor stage for each channel, 4-band parametric EQ stage, which has been designed by Rupert Neve for AMEK9098i, and completely British-made analog mixer is the heart of our studio.  

Our studio provides opportunity for you to acquire high-standard recording and mixing results by blending the warm characteristics of analog devices with the practicality of digital softwares with the help of signal processors already included in the mixer and also with the support of other signal processors used as outboard, UAD plug-ins and Pro Tools.

In our 60-square-meter recording room with 3.5 m ceiling height, we have a wide range of options for recording, starting from making a single vocal or instrument recordings to live recording of string sections/orchestras with 20 musicians, jazz and rock groups. 


The system used for the rehearsals has been configured as independent from the recording system and has a dedicated 32-channel digital mixer. The studio has a wide-range monitoring with 8 16-channel personal mixer, 11 stage monitors and 2 subwoofers. It is also possible to integrate a separate 16-channel digital mixer for different and larger set-ups.    

In order to be used during the rehearsals, the studio also provides amplifiers, drum sets, instruments and backline equipments, etc. which are the most preferred, upper segment brand and models in the world.  



Amek Rembrandt 40 ch Analogue Console

with VDynamics & Supertrue Automation



Focal Twin 6BE

Yamaha NS10 M Studio

Sugden Mystro Monitor

Focal 800 Subwoofer

Sugden A21  A Class stereo amp

AKG K601 

Senheisser HD800

Senheisser HD700

Senheisser HD600



Universal Audio - Apollo II 16

Elysia Xpressor 500

1176LN Rev D FET Compressor

Lab12 Gordion



ProTools 12

Logic Pro 10

Logic Pro 9

UAD Plug-ins


Neumann U87 AI

Neumann KM 184 (stereo pair)

Neumann TLM 103 (steteo pair)

Neumann TLM 102


Akg D112

Akg D770 x2

Rode Classic (tube)

Senheisser MD421  (x3)

Shure SM 57  (x2)

Shure SM 58  (x4)

Akg C411 P  (x3)


Headphones  System

Behringer Powerplay P16-I

Behringer P16 personel monitoring  (x8)

Cloud Sub Station 16-R 

Cloud RH-8  (x16)

Audio Technica  (x10)

Akg K550

Polk Audio Buckle

Polk Audio UltraFocus 8000


Guitar & Bass Amps

Marshall JCM900 head & 1960 Lead cab

Fender 68 Custom TwinReverb Silverface

Roland Jazz Chorus JC-120

Mark Bass TTE 500 Head & 104 HR cab

MusicMan B-115 Bass Amp


Tama Starclassic Maple Japan


Tama Starclassic Maple Japan Snare 14"


Pearl Masters Custom Birch


Pearl Sensitone Custom Alloy Brass Snare 14"


Yamaha Recording Custom 20” Kick

Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute 12-14-16-18 Tom


İstanbul, Sabian and Zildjian cymbals


Korg Stage Vintage SV-1 Synthesizer

Pegasus Wings

Warwick Corvette Double Buck 5 (Germany)

Fender USA Standart Stratocaster H-S-S

Ibanez RG

Live System

Behringer X32 digital Mixer

Behringer X Air 18 digital mixer

DB Technologies FM 10  (x7)

DB Technologies F12  (x4)

DB Technologies D808 sub  (x2)


Cables & Connectors





Yıldız Caddesi No:45 Sungurlar İş Merkezi Beşiktaş – ISTANBUL
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